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Stress can get the best of any of us… if we let it.
The effects of stress are profound and so obviously seen in the way it can affect our mood, our sleep, our skin, relationship, and even the way we eat.

It can easily trickle into every area of life. That’s why having tools on hand alongside a supportive lifestyle is so important for helping us to stay in tip-top Ninja form.

Today, we want to share 4 simple tricks you can use to help yourself feel better right away if you feel riled up or overwhelmed by stress.

These are tried, tested and true methods—often the biggest challenge is actually USING these tips in the heat of the moment. We hope having these ideas in your self-care toolbox will help offer some relief next time you need it!

4 Ways to Calm Down Instantly

  1. Try the Box-Breathing Technique. Navy Seals use this to calm their nervous system down in tense situations. You can use apps to guide you like this one, or just remember the number four! Inhale for the count of four, hold that breath in for the count of four, exhale for four and hold again for four and then start again. As it gets easier over time and practice, you can increase the number. This technique works like a charm. Try it and let us know how you like it!

  2. Take a Break. Remove yourself from the situation for a bit and take a breather. If you’re at work— go for a walk outside and get some fresh air. A little headspace and time away can be very powerful, sometimes the tricky part is having the awareness that you NEED it. Bonus points if you can get into nature, but sometimes just switching rooms can make a difference!

  3. Do a Brain Dump. Get some paper and get all your frustrations and worries down on paper. Better out than in, right? When you can get the overwhelming thoughts out of your head and down on paper, it allows you to take an objective look at everything in one place. It makes it easier to re-frame and assess with a clearer head. It can make a huge impact.

  4. Make a Tea. The simple ritual of making tea and taking a moment to enjoy it can be so soothing…especially paired with some of the tips above like the brain dump or your break in nature. Did you know all Matcha Ninja, Blue Ninja, and Pur-Erh Ninja are all used in traditional Ancient Medicine to help promote more calm and to relax the nervous system? Matcha Ninja contains an amino-acid called L-Theanine that is well-known for reducing anxiety. It’s one of the reasons green tea has an association with increasing “zen” feelings, which are enhanced when you consume the whole leaf of the tea as you do with matcha versus steeping the leaves in a hot water as you do with regular brewed green tea.

These techniques can be used regularly on a daily basis as part of a healthy self-care practice and called up on as needed when you feel the extra pressure of stress building up.

Sending you MATCHA love and all the zen vibes, Ninja!


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