Our Story

Matcha Ninja began back in 2014 after my life was forever changed when I started drinking matcha in place of coffee.  From my energy levels, sleep quality, and mental clarity, I loved the way matcha made me feel…  but there were a few issues with most products on the market: 

1. Time: The really good matcha (ceremonial matcha) takes too long to make. Not everyone has time to make matcha with perfectly tempered water and a whisk every morning.

2. Taste:  The challenge with some readily available pure matcha varieties is their bitterness. Many were hard to drink and many masked this issue by adding sugar, flavorings, and other additives to their products. 

I set out on a mission to create the most delicious, easiest-to-use matcha on the planet…without skimping on quality! 

Like our tea, Matcha Ninja had a very organic start… at local farmer’s markets around Toronto.  We started out sharing our mission and our tea with our neighbors and word started getting around.  Eventually, Matcha Ninja was being brewed at some of the trendiest cafes in the city and stocked in upscale grocery stores. Today, Matcha Ninja has grown into one of the largest matcha companies in North America
Matcha Ninja makes drinking quality matcha and feeling great, EASIER.

Thanks so much for checking us out! 


Here at Matcha Ninja we are passionate about:

Ease of Use - Designed for life-on-the-go. All our tea is hot or cold water soluble and mixes easily with a quick stir or shake- no whisk required. Learn more about our matcha here!

Exceptional Quality-  Our matcha is 100% pure, organic and top-tier (ceremonial grade). Every batch third-party tested for heavy metals + pesticides and is grown in a pristine, mountainous environment free from radiation + pollution. Learn more about our quality standards and sourcing here! 

Delicious Taste- Our products taste incredible, naturally. We go the extra mile to ensure a non-bitter, clean taste that you’ll love drinking over and over again.

Elevated Rituals- A tea ritual is so much more than JUST the tea… at Matcha Ninja, we strive to help make moments you take for yourself easier, cleaner, and more delicious.

From Farm to Cup