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The Matcha Ninja family is expanding and we’ve recently launched a bright blue, caffeine-free alternative to your favorite matcha, Matcha Ninja— introducing, Blue Ninja!


What is Blue Ninja?

Blue Ninja, often called blue matcha is a blue powder made from 100% Butterfly Pea flowers that we source from wild-harvested flowers in Thailand.

What Does it Taste Like?

It has a subtle flavor, much more tame than regular matcha. It can easily be made into delicious lattes, smoothies, chia puddings, juices, baking and anything else your creative mind can think up!

Six Benefits of Drinking Blue Ninja:

1. De-Stress

Butterfly Pea flowers are caffeine-free and have been used in Ancient Medicine to help calm down an overactive nervous system, reduce anxiety, and help relax the body.

2. Beautifying your Skin, Nails + Hair

Rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanins (which are powerful antioxidants) Butterfly Pea flowers are said to help stimulate collagen. When consumed regularly, it can help support healthy, firm skin that glows from the inside out. These antioxidants also support healthy nail and hair growth. It is even said to help slow or prevent hair from going grey. Yes, please!

3. SupportS Healthy Eyes

Blue Nina contains proanthocyanidins, which have been shown to be especially helpful for eye health. This particular nutrient has been shown to stimulate blood flow to the eye capillaries which is a nice way to support many common eye conditions including general eye fatigue. This makes Blue Ninja especially nice to sip on after a long day of working on your computer.

4. Boost your Brain

Butterfly Pea has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda to nourish the brain. It is said to boost cognitive function, calm the nervous system, and help enhance memory.

5. Anti-Inflammatory

The deep color of Blue Ninja signifies the presence of antioxidants such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and phenolic compounds. These are known to help combat free-radicals in the body. They help fight stress by quenching inflammation.

6. Natural “Food Coloring”

Blue Butterfly Pea flowers have been used throughout South East Asia in cooking for centuries as a natural colouring agent for desserts and teas. Try adding it to your smoothies, oats, chia puddings, baking, pancakes, waffles and anything else that needs a blue boost! We can’t get enough of the gorgeous color this tea produces.

    How to Drink it:

    Blue Ninja can be brewed hot or cold and mixes easily without clumping. Simply add 1/4 tsp of Blue Ninja per 250ml of hot or cold water, give it a mix or shake and you are good to go!

    Make it a latte: Mix in milk and a sweetener of your choice to make a bright blue, healthy latte.

    Fun Fact:
    When you add lemon to Blue Ninja it turns PURPLE.


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