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Here at Matcha Ninja, we are proudly expanding our selection of premium, easy-to-brew, organic tea products. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Matcha Ninja family, Pu’Erh Ninja.

Pu'Erh is a SPECIAL tea for a few reasons:

  • It's grown exclusively in the rich soils of the Yunnan Mountains in China. It's been popular in the East since the Tang Dynasty but is slowly starting to become more popular here in the West. ⁠

  • Pu’erh tea is made from the leaves and stems of the same plant that is used for making green, oolong, and black teas, the Camellia sinensis.

  • After the tea gets harvested, it goes through an extensive fermentation + drying process. This process provides Pu’Erh tea with unique health benefits to the consumer (keep reading to learn about the benefits)

  • Pu’Erh tea is traditionally purchased in a puck form and requires a lengthy preparation and steeping process.

Matcha Ninja is the first company to bring fully certified organic Pu’Erh in powdered format to market , making it easy for everybody to use. Just like Matcha Ninja + Blue Ninja, Pu'Erh Ninja is 100% pure and you can brew it quickly in hot or cold water with just a quick shake. We are very proud to make Pu’Erh EASY for you to enjoy.

PLUS, like matcha, you reap more of the health benefits when you consume the whole leaf compared to simply steeping. ⁠

Some of the benefits of Pu'Erh Ninja:

  • supports weight loss⁠

  • increases metabolic performance⁠

  • helps to reduce bad cholesterol⁠

  • stimulates circulation

  • supports healthy eyesight

  • reduces oxidative stress due to its high antioxidant content⁠

  • boosts cognitive function⁠

  • it has been traditionally used in the East after a heavy or “greasy” meal to help support digestion

  • reduces anxiety + calms down the nervous system⁠

  • is said to be helpful if you feel hungover

What does Pu’Erh taste like?

Pu’Erh does contain caffeine and has a deep, rich and smooth taste that appeals to coffee-drinkers.
The taste can be described as a woody + smooth black tea that is quite subtle, which gives it lots of flexibility when it comes to the ways you can enjoy it.


To brew, add 1/4 a tsp of Pu’Erh Ninja to hot or cold water and stir or shake.
You can drink enjoy it black, you can add milk of your choice, you can sweeten as you like and you can make it latte style too!


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