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Pu’Erh is a special fermented black tea that grows exclusively in the rich soils of the Yunnan Mountains in China. It's a tea that has been enjoyed in China and in parts of South East Asia for centuries— well renowned for it’s unique and notable health benefits.

To learn all the exciting benefits of Pu’Erh, click here.

In today’s blog, we will explore three ways that Pu’Erh Ninja helps to support a healthy gut and digestive system — and how you can use it in day-to-day life to do so.

#1. Pu’Erh Contains Micro-Organisms That Support a Healthy Gut Flora

Pu’Erh Ninja is fermented and because of this, it contains friendly micro-organisms that when consumed regularly, contribute to a balanced and robust gastrointestinal (GI) system. All bacteria that reside in our GI are transient, meaning they’re always moving. By incorporating pu’erh into your regular routine, you can help maintain healthy flora throughout your digestive system. This is very important not only for good digestion, but for mood, skin health, immunity and much more!

#2. Pu’Erh Helps Break Down Oily or Greasy Meals

It’s common to find pu’erh served along-side meals in both homes and restaurants across China. This is not only because it’s delicious to drink, but because it is said that pu’erh helps to “flush out” the oil from the body after consuming oily food.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that many digestive issues stem from “internal dampness”. Pu’erh brings a cooling YIN energy to the body which can help reduce this internal dampness —-and in doing so, it supports better digestion.


#3. Pu’erh Reduces Inflammation + Detoxifies the Body

Pu’erh is also known for its ability to cleanse the blood and reduce inflammation in the body. In China, it is seen as a tonic that can help restore the body when one is suffering from a hangover. It is said to help “drive toxins out of the body” and of course, the digestive system plays an enormous role in transporting toxins out of the body via regular elimination.

How to enjoy Pu’ERH NINJA

puerh tea latte

Pu’erh is safe to enjoy daily. With its mellow, earthy taste is a wonderful tea to enjoy first thing in the morning to gently invigorate your body and digestive system. It’s also “pu’erh-fect” after a meal if you want to embrace some of the benefits discussed above.

It is traditionally purchased in a puck form and requires a lengthy preparation and steeping process. Matcha Ninja is the first company to bring fully certified organic Pu’Erh in powdered format to market , making it easy for everybody to use. Just like Matcha Ninja + Blue Ninja, Pu'Erh Ninja is 100% pure and you can brew it quickly in hot or cold water with just a quick shake. PLUS, like matcha, you reap more of the health benefits when you consume the whole leaf compared to simply steeping. ⁠


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