1. Grown on organic farms

We grow our green tea leaves on our USDA certified organic farms.

2. Shaded for added nutrients

Before the leaves are harvested in the Spring they are shaded under giant canopies for 30 days. This increases their chlorophyll & antioxidant content.

3. Only the best are selected

All leaves are inspected and only the finest ones are selected.

4. Baby leaves are selected for sweetness

We use the baby leaves as they are naturally sweeter and have a better flavour.

5. Leaves are steamed and dried

These leaves are then steamed and dried.

6. The best dried leaves are selected

We then select the best of the dried leaves - the cream of the crop.

7. Stem & vein removed for smooth flavour

Next, we extract the stem and centre vein out of each of these leaves so our matcha tastes super smooth and we don't have to add any additional ingredients / sugar.

8. Stone ground

Then we grind the leaves (tencha leaves) into powder.

9. Clumps are extracted

After the grind we sieve the powder to ensure there are no clumps.

10. USDA 100% organic certified

A Certificate of Analysis is produced by CERES organic agency to deem each batch of Matcha Ninja 100% organic.

11. Flat packed for freshness

Pouches of Matcha Ninja are then filled up. To keep things fresh we flat pack each pouch so there is no air inside.

12. Ready to matcha like a ninja!

Your Matcha Ninja is ready for consumption. Drink or eat and experience the many nutritional benefits.